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Bev Laumann A Taste of the Good LIfe

The ICN is delighted to feature monthly columns by IC patient Beverly Laumann. Bev is the author of "A Taste of the Good Life: A Cookbook for an Interstitial Cystitis Diet," the only comprehensive book written for ICers who are concerned about nutrition and diet. It is a best seller throughout the world and in our own ICN shop.

Bev is also one of the most important IC activists, authors and contributors to the IC movement in the USA. She frequently collaborates with researchers around the country, participates as a guest speaker at various IC conferences, and helps to develop new diet related research for IC. We are truly blessed to have her involved in the IC cause.

Special Note: Bev appeared LIVE on the ICN for a special "Meet the Expert" presentation. You can read the transcript in the Meet the IC Expert Archives.

An IC Friendly Picnic Basket - Ready to Eat Snacks, Clam Dip

Coffee Break News
Scones & A Spot of Tea - Low Acid Tea
Fall Dinner Recipes - Wine
An IC Friendly Picnic Basket - Drinks
Warm Beverages For Cold Weather - Imitation Hot Chocolate, Sharons Hot Carob Drink, Hot Spiced Pear Juice, Imitation Cappucino, Herbal Teas
Cranberries Tamer Cousins - Purple Passion Smoothie

Breads of Life - Potato Bread
Make Ahead Meals Keep Diet (and Life) On Track - Yankee Cornbread
Vitamin E and Diet - Easy Italian Bread Sticks

Scones & A Spot of Tea - Coventry Pear Filled Scones
Fall Dinner Recipes - Light Pumpkin Cheesecake
Bladder Friendly Mexican Cuisine Part 2 - Churros, Maria's Orange Bizcochitos
Bladder Friendly Mexican Cuisine Part 1 - Mexican Coconut Flan
American As Apple Pie - Apple Meringue Pie, Fennel Scented Apple Cake
Cranberries Tamer Cousins - Blueberry Maple Mousse
Going Bananas May Be A Good Thing - Vanilla Banana Cream Pie
Got Pears - Sichuan Baked Pears
Sweets For My Sweets - Fudges of Many Flavors
Holiday Foods & Parties - Quick Peppermint Ice Cream

Cranberries Tamer Cousins - Blueberry Coffeecake
Thanksgiving - Pumpkin Muffins
Great Ways with Eggs - Veggie Scrambles, Italian Breakfast Eggs
Workday Meals Part 1 - No Nut Granola Cereal
Cinnamons True & False - Cinnamon-Oat Cereal
Weightloss Part 1 - Low Fat Breakfast Bagels
Spring Breakfast Choices

An IC Friendly Picnic Basket - Basic Cucumber Sandwiches, IC Style Tuna Sandwich

Tomato Tricks - Ruth Abrams "NoMato" Spaghetti Sauce, Tomatoless Lasagna
Pasta - Linguine With Clam Sauce

Scones & A Spot of Tea - Prime Rib
Swedish Cuisine Can Be Very IC Friendly -Swedish Meatballs
Potlucks, Picnics & Barbecues - Steaks with Herb Butter, Herb Rubbed Steaks, Basic Sesame Marinade
A Winter Dinner - Nutmeg Rubbed Roast Beef

Swedish Cuisine Can Be Very IC Friendly -Pear Sauce for Pork Roast
Fall Dinner Recipes - Boston Glazed Pork Chops

Scones & A Spot of Tea - Baked Salmon
Shrimp & Prawns - Gulf Coast Shrimp
Weightloss Part 2 - Lite Tuna Salad
The Fish Story - Cousin Addy's Oven Baked Catfish, Nut-topped Orange Roughy

An IC Friendly Picnic Basket - Southern Herb Fried Chicken
Make Ahead Meals Keep Diet (and Life) On Track - Anise Baked Chicken
Bladder Friendly Mexican Cuisine Part 1- Orange Chicken Oaxaca
Thanksgiving Dinner - Turkey, Rice Pilaf Stuffing, Cornbread-Broccoli Stuffing
Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut - Almond Chicken
Great Ways with Eggs - Turkey & Egg Stuffed Cabbage
Quick Summer Meals - Easy Microwave Chicken

Swedish Cuisine Can Be Very IC Friendly - Swedish Style Baked Potatoes
Bladder Friendly Disease Fighter - Broccoli in Caraway Cheese Sauce
Fall Dinner Recipes - Butternut Squash with Onions, Bell Pepper & Squash Casserole
Bladder Friendly Mexican Cuisine Part 2 - Chayote & Green Banana in Anise Butter
Traditional Holiday Vegetables Are IC Friendly- Maple Baked Sweet Potatoes, Yam & Fruit Bake
Variety Mushrooms - Creamed Shiitake Mushrooms, Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Soy Stories
A Winter Dinner - Orange Almond Yams
Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut - Green Beans with Rosemary & Pine Nuts
A Bladder Friendly Veggie - Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Golden Grilled Veggies, Oven Baked French Fries
Specialty Rices Add Variety - Rice & Pea Medley, Cilantro Lime Rice
Great Ways with Eggs - Duchess Potatoes
Acid Fighting Egg Whites - Squash Casserole
Light Summer Veggies - Green Beans with Coriander, Zucchini Primavera

It's Salad Time - Toni's Feta Cheese Salad Dressing, Bev's Homemade Garlic Croutons
Weightloss Part 2 - Snappy Cottage Cheese Salad
Versatile Herb Oil Dressings - Rosemary Herb Oil
Quick Summer Meals - Melon Blueberry Fruit Salada

Foods To Chase Holiday Chills & Ills - Quick Holiday Soup (Turkey), Crab Chowder, Split Pea with Beef
Bladder Friendly Mexican Cuisine Part 2 - Meatball Soup
Eating Well & Surviving the Holidays - Slow Cooked Beef Soup
Soup for Summer Meals - Mild Bean, Barley & Lentil Soup
Tomato Tricks - Fresh Yellow Tomato Soup
Vitamin C Veggies - Busy Day Chicken Broccoli Soup

Eating Well & Surviving the Holidays
Traditional Holiday Vegetables Are IC Friendly
Holiday Fruitcakes
Thanksgiving Dinner
Holiday Foods & Parties

Swedish Cuisine Can Be Very IC Friendly - Finding a Cheese You Can Tolerate

Spices & Sugars
Adding Spice To Life - Fines Herbes Blend
Stevia - Plenty of Sweet Talk But No Answers
How Sweet It Is - Sucralose & Splenda
Cinnamons True & False

New, IC Friendly, Sources of Vitamin C
Help For Painful Gas & Bloating
Pamper Yourself From The Outside In - Homemade spa lotions & rinses
Workday Meals Part 2
Color My Symptoms - The Food Color Story
Flying The Bladder Friendly Skies
Vitamin B6 Foods
Vitamin E and Diet
Going With The Flow: Water & IC Symptoms
Weightloss Part 2 - Cutting the Calories
Weightloss Part 1
Dining Out with IC
Diet & IC - Associated GI Problems
IC Diet & St. Johns Wort

Please send questions or comments to Bev at: blaumann@ic-network.com

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