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- Are you a medical care provider with a strong interest in working with pelvic pain, IC or pelvic floor dysfunction patients? List your clinic by becoming a ICN Professional Subscriber.

- There are comparatively few clinicians who specialize in interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain disorders. Our list is small but growing and we would appreciate your help. Can you suggest a provider who has treated you with compassion, knowledge and respect? We would love to know who it is so that we can share that information with others! Suggest a clinician or clinic here!

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Disclaimer: This list was created for informational purposes only. It was developed using the names of ICN Professional Subscribers, names of clinicians who have expressed an interest in interstitial cystitis, bladder pain or pelvic pain disorders and/or who may have been recommended by a patient. It is not a recommendation or endorsement of that clinic nor do they guarantee a standard of care. Search for care providers through personal recommendations, doctor referrals, medical associations and, of course, your phonebook.

Arkansas IC Support Group - Little Rock

Contact person : Tiffany Guidry
There will be meetings every other month on the third Monday of that month at
First Church of the Nazarene
1200 North Mississippi Street
Little Rock, AR 72207
The meetings are open to anyone who suffers from IC or is close with someone who has IC.
Please e mail for information...

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Fayetteville - Ozark Urology

Dr. Richard McWhorter and Kristy Walker PA-C at Ozark Urology provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of IC. We offer intravesical instillations, oral medications, surgical interventions and personalized care focused on your individual needs. We provide our patients with the latest literature to keep them up to date on the newest treatments and research.

Ozark Urology
3211 N. North Hills Blvd., Suite 210
Phone: 479-463-1700
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Little Rock - Gibson, Miza, Ellis

Mitzi Gibson, MSPT; Loria Miza, DPT;
Leah Ellis, DPT

One Patient said, “They are fully equipped to treat IC and pelvic pain and also bladder incontinence.”

Advanced Physical Therapy
10014 N. Rodney Parham Dr., Suite 100
Little Rock
Phone: 501-224-5454
Web Page: http://www,
Date Added: 6/25/09

Little Rock - John Brizzolara MD

Arkansas Urology Associates
1300 Centerview Drive
Little Rock
Phone: 877-321-8452
Web Page:
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Ozarks - Moark IC

Group Contact: Shelly (417)256-1263

Providing support for patients throughout Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

Web Page:

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